Words have fallen on some cards. Pick one number and raise the card. Those three words that you can read in it will be the words that you should use to create your poem. After that, the poem will be reproduced using animations and music. We will publish it and you will be part of our boundless wood of poems, a wood that will be expanded around the world recovering the magic of words.

Look some examples:

coffee rain silence

ocean pen star

memories scent family

dream nature journey

childhood forest writing

darkness light guide

war hope path

cold weather encounter

adventure learning loneliness

serenity encounter sadness

surprise sun friendship

happiness shield lost

green lake clear

tear protect union

pain pursuit game

path moon mirror

reflection wall lost

route ancient present

glance bravety expand

depth candle landscape

future jewelry luggage

past uncertainty paper

madness appear dark

wind space soul

sand wish distance

promise sign air

lie place save

rest fish everlasting

find poem message

movement cloud word